Artemis Trousers

Artemis Trousers


Artemis is the Goddess of hunt (not something we're super on board with) and protector of young girls (something we're super on board with). It apparently took her mother Leto 9 days to finally give birth to her, and the myth says that as soon as she was born, Artemis helped Leto deliver her twin brother Apollon (Apollo in English). Oh and apparently they also killed a dragon that was attacking them minutes after their birth. No big deal. 

Composition: 100% Cotton Corduroy

Colour: Black 

Details: One button - One zip - Four pockets - Cropped 

Made in England.

Care: Suitable for machine wash at 40°C. Read more about how to look after the garments in the About section. 

Note: Due to the fabric, this item has been through a pre-shrinking process during manufacturing. This allows you to wash it without fearing shrinkage, but it changes the measurements slightly. If you hesitate between two sizes, we would advise you to go for the larger one.

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