9 questions to Pia

Source: Pia’s  instagram

Source: Pia’s instagram

Pia’s instagram embodies everything good there is about Paris- the beautiful architecture, the cafe terraces, the croissants, the sunny balconies, and the effortless Parisian style that is often craved after. Studying as well as keeping up with her 50-something thousands of followers, Pia is the girl whose instagram you look at in the morning for your outfit inspiration before a Saturday brunch.

1. We know youre almost done studying- can you tell us more about what is it that you do? 

After highschool, I did a 2-year prep school and got into one of the best French business schools in Nantes where I studied business and marketing. Last semester, I majored in digital marketing and I'll be graduating October 2019. Meanwhile I'm interning as a brand content assistant at French brand Sézane. 

2. What would your ideal job be? 

I'd like to start as a brand content manager for a fashion brand, working on both social media and onsite content, ultimately moving on to artistic direction. 

3. How did your Instagram grow? 

My account grew a lot from SFS back when it was trendy! Then I got lucky with my mirror selfies buzzing and pushing my profile onto Explore. Now ,to be honest, it's just about beating the algorithm and being reposted! 

Source: Pia’s  instagram

Source: Pia’s instagram

4. You’ve had a few amazing internships so far, what advice can you give to anyone going for an interview? 

Prep it as best as you can researching your interviewer and the company's history as well as your role's missions. Make a list of questions that might pop up during this process and that you can ask during the interview. Trust yourself- if you got the interview, you're legit for that position! But also stay humble and don't be afraid to admit what you don't know. 

5. What does a typical day look like for you?

Métro-boulot-dodo, as we say in Paris! No, for real, I start my internship at 9am every day and I'm usually done by 7pm- my working days are quite busy. Whenever I get the chance, I shoot my outfit during lunch break. Then I try and catch up with my friends in the evening, going for dinner or drinks.  

Source: Pia’s  instagram

Source: Pia’s instagram

6. How important is sustainability in fashion to you? Does it influence the way you shop?

I’ve grown very aware of the fashion industry’s impact of the environment and development of poorer countries in the past few years. Also my awareness crises peaked last June (2018) looking at my closet and realizing how many pieces I weren’t wearing anymore or wore only once. I’ve stopped shopping at H&M, Zara, etc. Not gonna lie, I still some stuff from say Mango but I started looking more into small designers and vintage stores and I intend to work towards a more and more sustainable wardrobe! 

7. What do you imagine the future of fashion looks like? 

I hope we can make sustainability easy and top-of-mind in the coming years. Also; embrace many more conceptions of beauty. I love it when fashion is being used to promote social changes! I think it can move mountains. 

8. What’s your favourite wardrobe staple? 

Lately I’ve been obsessed with my camel wrap coat from Korean brand Kindersalmon. Also I must say I’m more loyal to my bags! 

9. And finally, what’s your favourite Gold piece?

My Uranie top of course!

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