9 questions to Noa from Style With A Smile

As someone who tries to constantly find the most ethical, sustainable options, I sometimes get a bit overwhelmed. Even though there is a lot out there, it’s hard to find a reliable source to refer to. That’s what Style With a Smile is; a vegan, sustainability bible that talks about fashion and much more.

1. Can you tell us more about you and how you started Style with a Smile? 

I started Style with a Smile back in September 2016. Before that, I was a social activist for animal rights for two years. I took part in demonstrations, presentations, marches and even helped my friends build a sanctuary farm. In 2016, in order to make a difference in the world in a way that I absolutely love, I started a vegan blog named Style with a Smile. The blog is all about vegan, ethical fashion, lifestyle and travel. I use it to spread the vegan message with a smile, encouraging people to live more consciously.

2. What did you study? Have you always wanted to write? 

I did not study anything formal (yet)- I've always loved writing and decided to focus on doing what I love. I also work for Eluxe Magazine, as a fashion journalist.

3. Would you say your motivation comes more from the writing aspect of it or the activism behind the topics you bring up? 

Hmm...Both! I opened my blog to make people rethink their choices and educate them regarding those topics in a very approachable way- I show the problems regarding the issues I discuss, for example, regarding the true cost of leather or wool, but I focus on the solution and the fact that there ARE so many alternatives, so it is so so easy (that I call "positive activism"), and their response to the content is super important and valuable- and those two things are tied to each other, nothing would work without the other.

4. What advice would you give to anyone who wishes to be in your position? 

Just start! I wish I started sooner, and I didn't just because I had so many fears and doubts. Educate yourself, learn as you go, find a niche that is unique and specific to you, be yourself and be proud and passionate about what you do. Running a blog is not an easy thing (at all!) and you really need to spend a LOT of time in order to make it work well, so dedication is key! 

5. Ideally, what would you like the future of Style with a Smile to look like? 

I want my blog to be a source filled with information regarding vegan fashion, brands and travel guides that will help lots of people, and of course, the animals! I hope I will manage to make a proper living out of it eventually and I really hope, most importantly, that it will make people rethink their choices, inspire them and make them feel hopeful and positive

6. Sustainability is obviously important to you- can you tell us more about the way it influenced the way you shop? 

Yes! Sustainability is really important to me. Actually, I just came back from Neonyt Sustainable Fashion Week- I was invited there to discuss my blog and what it means to be a sustainable blogger and about the SDGs. I am quite new to this field and was exposed to it in May last year, and ever since then, stopped supporting unethical brands who don't pay fair wages. I talk about sustainability a lot on my Eluxe column, too. I don't buy anything that I won't actually use, and for years now I recycle, compost, repair the things and items I own and take care of what I have, carry a reusable bag and doing my best to be better- and encourage everyone to do so as well!

7. What are the best first steps into a more ethical fashion when you love shopping and clothes? 

First of all, access what you have and stop shopping for a while if you feel like it is some kind of addiction, and the second step would be to educate yourself, the internet is filled with information regarding ethical brands and you can learn so much through websites and blogs! There are literally so so many ethical brands, all you need to do is to think before you buy and choose well :)

8. What is your favorite place?

My favorite place would be anywhere where my loved ones are at, but if I had to choose an actual place I would say Rome and Berlin- LOVE those cities!

9. And finally what is your favorite Gold piece?

Oh man, hard to choose! I would say my favorite is the Organic Cotton Quimper Top as it is such a staple- it is so chic and timeless and I absolutely love the unique open back detail.

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