The Successful Fashion Designer Podcast Interview

Starting a clothing brand with no fashion or business background makes you feel seriously clueless. I would ask anyone I knew who started their own business for advice, I would email people whose small brands I liked and I would go on forums and websites and anywhere I could find tips on what exactly I was supposed to do now that I'd designed the clothes. 

I was a bit late to the party when it came to podcasts- I hate listening to the radio so I wouldn't even give it a try, assuming it was just the same. It wasn't. I can't remember exactly how I got into it, but I'm pretty sure it was through Man Repeller. I then found out that I had a podcast app on my phone (which was probably sitting there for years and that I had literally never noticed thanks to my exceptional attention to details), and started listening to podcasts about everything. Ok mainly just TV shows I liked. 

One day it occurred to me that there would probably be some interesting podcasts about working in the fashion industry as well, and that's how I found the Successful Fashion Designer. From the first episode I was hooked. To this day, this is the only thing that has actually helped me. It's always giving great advice but more importantly it's going to the bottom of things. The host, Sew Heidi, doesn't let her guests get away with being vague. There's none of the usual "we then realised we needed to rethink our strategy and three months later we had a turnover of 5 billion pounds" speech you often hear in interviews with people who are successful in fashion. She asks them what exactly they did, step by step, and how they did it. 

It's not only the most useful and helpful media I've found since starting the brand but it also encourages the transparency I find so important. 

So when I got the opportunity of being a guest on it, you can imagine how thrilled I was. I first felt so new to the industry that I doubted I could genuinely help anyone, but turns out I've made enough mistakes and known a few successes in this past year, which gave me great content to share. Please forgive my rambling, very long sentences and strange accent, but if you want to know more about Gold or are looking to learn from my experience, feel free to click play below.