9 Questions to Ewa Sieniawska, founder of Hers Wave

Hers Wave Barcelona bag

Hers Wave Barcelona bag

Growing up in France and spending most summers on the beach in Brittany, I’ve had my fair share of basket bags. There’s just something about them that screams summer, beaches, picnics, holiday, and all sorts of other things I wish life was made of all year around. But when Jane Birkin obsessed girls took over Instagram a couple of years ago, I felt like the basket bag was a victim of its own success, being so easy to get that I couldn’t have been any less interested in it anymore. Until I randomly stumbled across Hers Wave’s instagram one of the (many) days I fell into a social media vortex. There was something about these basket bags, their shapes and the beautiful photos that made me feel like I really needed to buy one RIGHT NOW. I messaged Ewa, the founder, on Instagram (their website wasn’t live yet but I clearly couldn’t wait), bought the bag, and decided to use it in pretty much every single Gold summer shoot.

Since one of my goals when I started Gold was to create something bigger than the brand, where I could work with / showcase / hang out with people going through similar things as me, I thought I would interview everyone who inspire me to work on my brand like they work on theirs (whether they’re designers, founders, influencers, painters, or anything else that means they had to put themselves out there and try to convince people they’re worth their time and / or money). And since me and Ewa have spent the past few months messaging each other about her products, my products and the joys and downfalls of having your own business, I thought she was the perfect first candidate.  So here it is; 9 questions to Ewa Sieniawska. 

Hers Wave Nice basket bag

Hers Wave Nice basket bag


 1. When did you decide to start Hers Wave and when did you launch it? 

I decided to pursue Hers Wave exactly a year ago. I quit my former job, and I became fully dedicated to ‘my dream’. It took me a few months of research, testing the market and finding manufacturers that to partner with. The company was establish in May this year.

2. What was the process of starting the brand like? Can you give a step by step idea of everything you did before launching? 

The first steps are defining what you love and are meant to do in your life. Everyone knows deep down what makes them happy, what their purpose is in life, but sometimes we are too afraid to make this ‘first step’. Once it’s done and we put our heart into it - magic happens!! Self-motivation and self-improvement are crucial to start your own business. Be ready for mistakes and failures, just learn from it as fast as you can and move to the next thing on your to do list.

3. What’s your background / what did you do before Hers Wave? 

After obtaining my Masters Degree in Economics in Poland, I moved to Boston to follow another dream of mine. I have done a few marketing/PR internships in Boston agencies and worked as a import/export manager in order to get experience to become a fashion buyer one day. As well as working full time, I also took classes at FIT in NYC and after 8 years of ‘ my American dream’ I moved back to Europe. Just needed to start fresh and here I am.

 4. What are the biggest pros and cons of working for yourself? 

You are a boss haha, but on a serious note when you work for yourself there is no vacation time,  no holidays. It’s constant work 24/7, 365 days a year... there is no one to help you out. If you don’t do it yourself, no one will do it for you. The biggest  advantage is satisfaction and your customers’ positive feedback. Whenever I receive emails from happy clients, bad days fade away and hard work is paying off. 

5. What advice would you give people who want to / are starting a business? 

Just do it. It’s cliché but the hardest thing to do is to make the first step and try it. Also, never take no for an answer!! Just believe in your business and in yourself. 

Hers Wave Antibes basket bag

Hers Wave Antibes basket bag

 6. When it comes to fashion, do you pay much attention to how ethical a piece is? 

Absolutely!! I have always wanted to create something beyond just a brand. I wanted to have a good impact on people and the environment. Helping people and your surroundings is so much more important than making money. In the future, I would love for Hers Wave to be involved in cleaning oceans, Women right equalities, and pet shelters. That’s something I have had in mind for years... hopefully in the near future I will be able to help as much as I can.

7. Can you name your favourite place, your favourite style icon and your favourite wardrobe staple? 

- Favourite place - I have visited many places across the globe and each one of them is unique, beautiful and absolutely breathtaking. However, a place that had an enormous impact on me is Nice, France.

- Favourite style icon - I’m a huge fan of 40s-50s style. Lauren Bacall has been my icon for years. We need more women like her, natural beauty, classy and wise. 

- Favourite wardrobe staples - too many... I always wear what I feel like on the day.

8. What’s next for Hers Wave? Will you ever make clothes to match your beautiful bags? 

My biggest dream is to have a clothing line. This is where I would love to go in the near future. Hopefully the capital and people’s engagement will increase so I will be able to make something different than bags.

9. Which Gold piece is your favourite? 

Oh I love every piece from the summer collection, it’s made with love and passion. I’m a huge fan of the Deauville suit and the winter collection’s Scylla Suit Jacket! I hopefully can afford it one day. 

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