Renouveau by Gold


I love designing clothes. I love coming up with an idea, finding the right fabric and reworking the design to get it just right. I feel like seeing my newborn for the first time every time I receive a prototype (probably because I don’t actually have a newborn and have no idea what that really feels like). There’s something really special about seeing in real life, touching and trying on an item that literally came from your imagination. I love it and would love to never stop doing it.

I also have made it my priority to make Gold as ethical and sustainable as I could. It started by making all the clothes locally, with experienced seamstresses who are paid fairly, sourcing the fabrics in the UK, producing in small quantities, and has gone further with the introduction of more organic fabrics such as cotton or bamboo, and more linen pieces. However, no matter how good to the planet I’d like for the brand to be, there is no denying the most sustainable way to shop is to buy clothes that already exist.

When I was 15, there were only a few vintage shops in Paris- nothing compared to what it’s like today. One of them was located about 5 minutes from my high school and all the cool kids would get dressed there. I went in and never wanted to leave. The decor, the clothes, the music, everything was different and, in my opinion, better than the shops I’d usually go in. I bought a jacket that year that I still wear to this day. That was the first one of a long series of presents from myself to myself. I loved everything about it - having a unique piece, imagining who wore it before and doing what, bragging about how edgy I was (again, I was 15).


Anyway fast forward 11 years and here’s me, realizing selling vintage clothes after reworking them is a great way to share my love for second hand while moving forward in my quest to be more sustainable.

We’ll still release Gold pieces, the ones I imagine in the middle of the night and have to get up and draw as not to forget them, the ones I spend months working on a toile with my pattern maker to make sure the sleeves are puffy enough and the leg is cropped above the ankle, the ones I receive 20 fabric samples for, only to realise the one I like has been discontinued, the ones it takes one, two or three prototypes to get right. The ones that are the original Gold designs. A few will come out throughout the year. Classics in quality fabrics.

The rest is Gold’s Renouveau. Pieces selected, professionally washed, and often reworked by Gold. “Renouveau” because the pieces we offer have already had a life when we acquire them, and yet they’re ready for their next one. Hopefully with you.