9 questions to Manon, founder of Éternel Éphémère

There is something that immediately drew us into Éternel Éphémère’s instagram. It was a mix of flowers, nature, lace, baroque and pretty girls, but mainly, it was the beautiful lingerie. It’s all handmade in France by Manon, the brain and hands behind the brand, and we took a few minutes of her time to ask 9 questions about her work.

1. When and how did you start Eternel Ephémère? Can you give us an idea of all the different steps and of how long it took you to launch? 

My will to launch Éternel Éphémère first came in 2016, right after fashion school. I knew since I was a teenager that I wanted to create lingerie, so the first step was to synthesize my ideas to let the first collection, Solstice d'Hiver, emerge. It was on the e-shop in December 2017. It took me over a year to finish the collection, organize shootings, create the website and every social medias.

2. What did you study? Did you work in fashion before starting the brand?

I studied fashion for 3 years in Paris. I started Éternel Éphémère right after I graduated.

3. What are the pros and cons of starting your own business? 

Long subject to discuss! For the pros, I think it's the most rewarding thing to create your own business and let your imagination speak, and of course to be your own boss! For the cons, all the business part outside my qualifications (marketing, communication, etc...). It’s a lot of time spent working on this as well as the creation and production part.

4. Can you describe to us what one of your work day looks like? 

It depends where I am in the cycle; during creation/production, my day is full of creating, sewing and finishing the models with little time spent on social medias communication; but when the collection is ready I spend my time organizing shootings, thinking about the best way to communicate and collaborate in order to grow as a brand.

5. What advice would you give anyone who would like to do the same thing? 

I would tell them to be patient, and to never stop creating.

6. Have you already thought of future projects for Eternel Ephémère? 

Of course, my next move is to organize a lingerie event/show, to put the Éternel Éphémère products on a catwalk ! Right now I'm in the middle of next collection’s production.

7. How important is sustainability in fashion to you? 

It's very important to me, as much in my everyday life as my conception of fashion, that's why I only use the lace “Dentelle de Calais” and want to keep everything made in France.

8. Name your favourite place, favourite style icon and favourite wardrobe staple. 

I fell in love with the atlantic french coast when I was a little girl, and it never went away... 

For the style icon, even though she's an actress first and foremost,  definitely Keira Knightley! 

And a wardrobe staple would be of course a lace bodysuit !

9. And finally, which Gold piece is your favourite?

I'm in love with the Toulon top

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