9 questions to Alexandra, founder of Alxndranyc

As soon as we saw the jewellery, we were hooked. After 3 hours of staring at instagram and scrolling indefinitely, as one does, we saw a profile worth stopping for. Alxndranyc’s vintage t-shirts were good enough to grab our attention, but the real gold, vintage jewellery was what we stayed for. We immediately wanted to know more about Alexandra, who started Alxndranyc, and her interest in slow fashion, vintage and one of a kind meaningful pieces meant to last you a lifetime.

1. When did you start working on Alxndranyc and when did you launch?

I have been collecting and reselling vintage for quite some time now but officially started Alxndranyc in January and launched in March. 

2. What did you study? 

I studied Fashion Merchandising Management, buying and planning. I went to FIT. 

3. When did you start having an interest in vintage fashion and jewellery and when did you start thinking of turning your interest into a career? 

I remember wearing vintage t-shirts way back in High School with a girlfriend of mine and never stopped. Some of my first vintage t-shirts were hand me downs from my parents, my favourites include a cropped "Hawaii" tee my mom got on their honeymoon and a Beatles shirt my dad got in college.

The jewellery started about 8 years ago when i could afford to buy myself more expensive jewellery. I wear 32 rings every day! The pendant inspiration came from my grandmother, she wears a gold necklace with pendants shes collected travelling her whole life. 

4. What does your regular day at work look like? 

I work as an account executive in a showroom where we represent 16 RTW and accessory collections. I am super busy during my workday having a 9-5 and running my own business on top of it. 

5. What advice would you give someone who wants to do something similar?

Focus on "doing you", there is so much saturation in fashion right now it can become very overwhelming not only for a business owner but as a consumer. Getting caught up in what everyone else is doing will take away your drive and focus. Its good to be aware of your competitors but paving the way yourself is what will be most rewarding.

6. What are the pros and cons of being your own boss? 

The con is that I never stop. I wear every hat in my company from buyer to photographer, to customer service and beyond. Managing it all without authority can sometimes become a whirlwind of pressure. The pro is that I get to do what I love at my own direction. I don't need to run anything by anyone and I really love taking ownership in knowing that. 

7. Vintage is obviously the most sustainable way to shop. How important is sustainability in fashion to you? 

The most important. Its challenging because I consider myself a "micro- environmentalist" but I've worked in fashion my entire career, and fashion is the second most polluting industry. With social media, fashion has become more disposable than ever and its negative effect on the environment is increasing at an alarming rate. I really try to educate my customers and followers on why they should support vintage and put less demand on the modern supply chain. I am so happy that vintage is having a resurgence and I can only hope that people will buy smarter and increase the lifespan of their clothing. 

8. Name your favourite place, favourite style icon and favourite wardrobe staple. 

Favorite place, Spain. Favorite style icon, Gilda Ambrosio, Favorite wardrobe staple Vintage Levi 501s!

9. And finally what is your favourite piece from the Gold summer collection?

Paris jumpsuit!

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