The Concept

Mixing the effortless Parisian chic of our hometown with the colourful English playfulness of the country we now live in. Think Coco Chanel meets David Bowie; colourful suits and undone hair, sparkly tops and casual jeans, feather boas and corduroy trousers. 

The Brand

We want Gold to represent our values as much as possible; that's why we decided from the start to get everything made in England. This means we can ensure our manufacturers are paying their employees fairly, and that their working conditions are good.  We also wanted a factory nearby so that we can pop in whenever and check on production.

We don't believe in "fast fashion", but we do believe it has a negative impact on the environment. That's why we don't follow the regular fashion calendar; we're working with small production manufacturers, local seamstresses for our handmade garments, local pattern makers, and local pattern graders which means releasing items every week is not possible, and not what we want.

We also want our customers to feel special; and what's less special than seeing three girls wearing the same dress as you in less than 10 minutes? That's why we decided to produce only small quantities of each items. On top of doing damage control for the environment by not producing in quantities too big and creating waste, you'll have a real unique feel when wearing your clothes. But if you look so good your friends end up quickly buying the same piece, you can't blame us. 

We care about the environment, and even though we're still far from being as good as we intend to become (see below), we try our best; that's why we will always prioritise using organic cotton and other natural fibres whenever we can. Unfortunately, the choice is sometimes out of our hands. 

Lastly, we don't think animals look cute when they're worn; that's why we stay away from fur, leather, suede, wool and other animal skins. 


The Goal

We are full of good intentions but unfortunately we can only meet some of them for now. One of our main concerns is the environment and how not to destroy it too much, so we thought we'd stick to organic fabrics and natural fibres exclusively. However, our means at the moment don't allow us to only use guilt-free materials. As the brand grows, we will hopefully get to use these exclusively, but for now, we do as much as we can, such as making sure the boxes we send your parcels in are recyclable,  and the tissue paper and card paper (to find inside) are both recyclable and recycled.

We also advise you not to wash your clothes too often. Now for anyone as lazy as us it might sound like a free pass for a laundry-free life- it's not. Obviously, we all need to wash our clothes. The problem is, we currently wash them more than needed. On top of making us buy expensive products regularly, and spend more on water, it consumes energy and damages our clothes. The best tips we can give are:

  1. Skip the dryer when you can.
  2. Wash on "cold" if possible.
  3. Handwash if you can be bothered. We know it's annoying and it still consumes water, but your clothes will literally be in better hands.
  4. Always read the label. If it says "dry clean only", chances are it means dry clean only. 
  5. If you can / live near one, try a Green Dry Cleaning. If you're doing that, we're all tipped out. 



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